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Every successful entrepreneur has a fascinating tale to tell, full of ideas, dreams, challenges, and triumphs. Their unwavering confidence has led to many products and services we’ve taken for granted. One such entrepreneur’s dreams and struggles have built one of Bangladesh’s largest business conglomerates, employing over 30,000 people worldwide. Mr. Khalilur Rahman is the head of KDS Group.

When he first started out in business in 1967, he had few resources but firm faith in himself. He began with a humble local operation, but he has since expanded into many different fields. As a result of his compassion for the economically disadvantaged locals, he began investigating opportunities that required substantial manual labor. Initially based in Chittagong, he established his large-scale garment manufacturing facility, KDS Garments, around 1983. 90% of the business’ workers were the poor locals he was concerned about. As with his previous endeavors, his zeal for success and affection for the human race were the defining characteristics of this new enterprise. Mr. Rahman’s tenacity and drive allowed him to diversify his business holdings over the years and take on new ventures in diverse industries. These include textiles, garment accessories, steel, investment management, logistics, banking, insurance, etc. To this day, KDS group has grown to generate more than $500,000,000 annually in revenue.

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