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From Chittagong to the World: KDS Group – Bridging Nations, Creating Opportunities Its operations have since expanded to other countries. The group is laying the groundwork to become a Bangladeshi based multinational by opening offices and agents in Singapore, Hong Kong, and the UK, with intentions to grow into the USA.

Founded in 1983, via the construction of one of the earliest garments industries in Bangladesh, and over the last 28 years, through innovation, dynamism, unremitting effort and dedication, the firm in terms of assets and revenues have risen rapidly by often over 500% a year.

Business sectors have expanded from a concentration on apparel exports to encompass a much wider scope. Today, the combined organization has over 35,000 employees and boasts yearly revenues in excess of 1.2B.

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of Innovation, Dynamism, Uniting Effort and Dedication



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Lead through Service Excellence
Nurture Intelligence for Human Capital Growth
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KDS Group’s board has over 60 years of experience managing a diverse range of projects and operations, including multinational ones.

The current Chairman established KDS in 1983 and led its tremendous expansion and diversification. KDS group directors with foreign education and experience have broadened this.

KDS promotes professional company governance and clean & transparent operations management. With the management team of specialists and the zealous board, KDS now has the appetite to take on future growth and diversity challenges to expand its coverage on industries and boost revenues and overall value for clients, shareholders, employees, and associates.

Mr. Salim Rahman

Managing Director, KDS Group

Mr. Rahman has completed MBA from Southern Methodist University, Texas, USA and holding the office as Managing Director in the company. He has been actively involved with different sectors like Garment, Accessories, Steel, Textile, Shipping, Securities, Banking and Insurance.

He is also working as a Managing Director of KDS Garments Industries Limited, KDS Apparels Limited, KDS Fashion Ltd, KDS Poly Industries Limited, KDS Cotton Poly Thread Industries Ltd, Steel Accessories Limited and KDS Logistics Ltd.


Creating value for all through growth and diversity

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